Diseases Treated by the Women's Treasure Formulae

The Women's Treasure remedies treat the following primary gynaecological complaints:

Painful Periods

Free Flow (Liver-Qi stagnation)
Stir Field of Elixir (Liver-Blood stasis)
Warm the Menses (Cold in the Uterus)
Drain Redness (Blood-Heat and Damp-Heat)
Warm the Palace (Kidney-Yang deficiency and Blood deficiency)

Heavy Periods

Cool the Menses (Blood-Heat)
Clear Empty Heat and cool the Menses (Blood Empty Heat)
Invigorate Blood and Stem the Flow (Blood stasis)
Restrain the Flow (Qi deficiency)
Nourish Yin and Restrain the Flow (Yin deficiency)

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Freeing the Moon (Liver-Qi stagnation, Blood deficiency, Spleen-Qi deficiency)
Freeing Constraint (Liver-Qi stagnation)
Clear the Moon (Phlegm, and Qi stagnation)
Free-Flowing Sea (Blood deficiency, Kidney-Yang deficiency, Qi stagnation)

Menopausal Problems

Ease the Journey - Yang (Kidney-Yang and -Yin deficiency, Empty Heat)
Ease the Journey - Yin (Kidney-Yin and -Yang deficiency, Empty Heat)
Female Treasure (Kidney- and Liver-Yin deficiency, Liver-Yang rising)
Heavenly Empress (Kidney- and Heart-Yin deficiency, Heart Empty Heat)


Unicorn Pearl (Kidney-Yang and Kidney-Essence deficiency)
Growing Jade (Kidney-Yin and Kidney-Essence deficiency)
Warm the Mansion (Empty Cold in the Uterus, Kidney-Yang and -Essence deficiency)
Clear the Palace (Damp- Phlegm in the Uterus)

General Blood Deficiency

Precious Sea (Blood deficiency, Qi deficiency)


Drain the Jade Valley (Dampness in the genito-urinary system)

Habitual Miscarriage

Planting Seeds (Kidney-Yang and Spleen-Qi deficiency, Essence deficiency)

Penetrating Vessel's Pathology

Penetrating Vessel (Rebellious Qi, Kidneys deficiency, Blood deficiency)