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CD-ROM - The Practice of Chinese Medicine

Giovanni Maciocia's hallmark book, THE PRACTICE OF CHINESE MEDICINE, hailed as "excellent" by The New England Journal of Medicine, has established itself as the most thorough work ever published in the West on this subject. In its newest CD-ROM format, it has become even better, providing immediate access to clear and practical guidance on diagnosing and treating patients and to an invaluable resource of over 150 case histories. In addition to the complete text and illustrations of Maciocia's work, 20 years of additional Medline abstracts for key journals in the field are also included. Using the software's powerful search capability you can swiftly pinpoint the key information you need to diagnose the full range of symptoms commonly seen in clinical practice - from headaches and insomnia through incontinence and influenza- and treat specific diseases using acupunture and Chinese herbal medicine.

This Easy-to-use tool gives you:

  • The Western clinical treatment of 34 diseases and conditions never before discussed in such detail in a traditional Chinese medicine book..

  • Insights into the treatment of "modern diseases" such as allergic/eczema, ME (CFIDS), and MS.

  • Detailed guidance on performing acupuncture point combinations.

  • The ability to add your own notes, create bookmarks, and highlight areas of text to personalize your CD-ROM.

  • Conduct powerful searches easily with customized query templates.

  • Browse cross-referenced subjects following hypertext links to access the relevant areas of text.

  • Browse relevant Medline abstracts.

  • Get immediate help from the User Manual, a Tutorial, and on-screen Help, with access to a technical support service.

Hardware Requirements

PC Compatible
486 33mHz Processor
8 MB RAM (12 MB recommended for Windows 95)
14" SVGA color monitor
5 MB free hard disk space
Microsoft Windows 3.x or Windows 95
Double speed CD-ROM drive
Sound card (recommended for the Tutorial)
68020 Processor
System 7 or higher
5 MB free hard disk space
13" color monitor
Double speed CD-ROM drive

Published by Churchill Livingstone
First published: 1994. Latest edition: 1997. ISBN: 0-443-043051. 924 pages.

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