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Blood Deficiency

This article was first published in The European Journal of Oriental Medicine, Volume 7, No 1, 2012. Visit www.ejom.co.uk for more details.

Chemotherapy and Anti-Oxidants

In the past few years it has become common practice by oncologists to advise patients who are undergoing chemotherapy not to take anti-oxidant supplements. The reasoning behind this advice is that chemotherapy destroys cancer cells by inducing free radicals and by promoting oxidation of the cancer cells.  Antioxidants, on the contrary, do the exact opposite, i.e. they prevent free radicals (by binding to them) and the oxidation of cells. In theory, therefore, it would seem to follow logically that antioxidants may interfere with chemotherapy and reduce its effectiveness. As we shall see, in reality it is not as simple as that.

The Heart Channel

The Heart houses the Shen and its most important clinical use is for mental emotional problems. This article will explore the clinical use of the Heart channel for uses other than for mental-emotional problems.

On Terminology